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Do you use git difftool to review changes before making a commit? The problem with that is that you get to see the diff of one file at a time. You can't easily stop it after few files and you can't go back to a previous file. vimtabdiff.py loads all the files with diffs, one in each vim tab page. You can move around any file and edit the diffs easily.


    mkdir -p ~/bin

    # for python version >= 3.10
    curl -o ~/bin/vimtabdiff.py "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/balki/vimtabdiff/master/vimtabdiff.py"

    # for python version < 3.10
    curl -o ~/bin/vimtabdiff.py "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/balki/vimtabdiff/br-py38/vimtabdiff.py"

    chmod +x ~/bin/vimtabdiff.py

You may need to add ~/bin to your PATH variable if not already done. See here for help. 👍 this issue for pip install support




usage: vimtabdiff.py [-h] [--vim VIM] [--onlydiffs] pathA pathB

Show diff of files from two directories in vim tabs

positional arguments:

  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  --vim VIM   vim command to run
  --onlydiffs  only open files where there is a diff

Relevant vim tips

  • gt → Go to next tab
  • gT → Go to previous tab
  • :tabr → Go to first tab
  • :drop filenam<Tab> → Go to the tab with filename
  • g<Tab> → Go to last used tab (Works in vim version > 8.2.1401)
  • :set mouse=a → Now clicking on a tab works
  • ]c → Go to next diff hunk
  • [c → Go to previous diff hunk
  • do, dp → Diff obtain, Diff put
  • zo, zc, zi → Fold open, Fold close, toggle all folds

See Git diffs


    git config --global difftool.vimtabdiff.cmd 'vimtabdiff.py $LOCAL $REMOTE'
    git config --global alias.dt 'difftool --tool vimtabdiff --dir-diff'


    git dt <any git diff revision expression> # see `man gitrevisions`
    git dt           # Unstaged changes
    git dt --staged  # Staged changes
    git dt HEAD~1    # Last commit
    git di v1.0 v2.0 # diff between two tags

Using custom vim command

Using clean vim without reading vimrc

    git config --global difftool.vimtabdiff.cmd 'vimtabdiff.py --vim "vim --clean" $LOCAL $REMOTE'

Git config file (~/.gitconfig) should look like this

            dt = difftool --tool vimtabdiff --dir-diff
    [difftool "vimtabdiff"]
            cmd = vimtabdiff.py --vim \"vim --clean\" $LOCAL $REMOTE

Using better diff algorithm

    git config --global difftool.vimtabdiff.cmd 'vimtabdiff.py --vim "vim +\"set diffopt+=algorithm:patience\"" $LOCAL $REMOTE'

Note: Not tested in non-linux OS. But I guess it should work fine. Pull requests welcome if found any issues.